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Terms & Conditions

The use of our website and the services offered through it are subject to the following terms & conditions!

Terms & Conditions

  1. At the time of ordering an invoice will be issued it is the customer's responsibility to make sure all cake information provided is correct 

  2. All deposit paid is non-refundable Under some circumstances we can convert your deposit as a credit note which is valid for three months

  3. We don’t cater for any allergies and clients are responsible to notify us of any dietary concerns they have prior to placing an order with us. We do not accept any liability for customers suffering an allergic reaction from eating our cake 

  4. For all cake collections, we do not take any responsibility for any damage that is made to the cake once it has left our possession. 

  5. We do not accept last-minute cancellations, in that case, we would require full payment. 

  6. For all cakes made by us, we do have every right to post cake pictures and videos on our social media and are well in our rights to do so. However, If you have any specific requests about any photos of your cake/item not to post on the day it’s due we will respect that please let us know when placing your order.  
    We won’t be able to remove or change any picture if you didn’t mention this before.

  7. Our cakes may contain non-edible decorations such as fresh flowers, cake toppers, plastic dowels, foam balls toy figures, ribbons, etc which must be removed before cutting and serving the cake

  8. For cake design we do not replicate someone else design and please refrain from sending us other bakers' designs and asking to copy exactly the same, however, we understand pictures can send for inspiration purposes and we can create custom designs accordingly to your requirements. 

  9. We do offer wedding cake consultations and this process includes a tasting of any 4 flavours of ours. We will also discuss all the details and design with the couple. 

  10. For the wedding cakes, once we delivered and set up the cake at the venue we are not responsible for the aftercare of it. 

  11. We offer Cake stand hire with a fee and security deposit which is required in advance and it will be refunded once we get our cake stand back in the same condition and time frame which we agreed on.


If you cannot understand any terms or conditions, you can always contact us to make it clear. 

0798 568 9931

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