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To give it a touch of love, each of our cakes is handcrafted with love. Our cakes are inspired by your passion for your loved ones. They are designed to express your sentiments. We are your bespoke cake designer in West London. 

Ushba Adil

Home Made Cakes

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We loved it. Thank you so so much for making this amazing cake for us! And also thank you for thank you so much for dealing with my specific requirements. I know that how fuzzy I can be. Everyone at the party was asking who made this amazing cake and now I am going to share your Instagram with everyone XXX.


Choosing the Best Bespoke Cakes in West London

If you are looking for the best way to make a wedding cake or any kind of party cake, but don't have much experience in baking, then you might need to start with the best of all worlds - Bespoke Cakes in West London. At Pearls and Crumbs we specialise in making bespoke cakes especially for wedding, celebrations, birthday parties and other special occasion. We can make every kind of cake from an assortment of delicious recipes. Some of these recipes include Chocolate Wedding Baked Pies, Honey Moon Cupcakes, Fruit and Fruits Wedding Baked Tarts, Wedding Salami and much more. If you are having any kind of a wedding or even a birthday party, then it can be quite difficult to decide which cake to order. You will most likely end up with a cake that is absolutely amazing.

All of our cakes are homemade. You can choose from so many different types of flavors when ordering a cake for your wedding or celebration cakes in West London – especially in the West London. If you are planning a birthday party in London, then you can go online to find the best selection of Birthday Cakes out of our wide range of cakes. You can find some very good ideas which will make your dream Wedding cake toppers and then we send it to you to be mounted on your party table. Here are some popular choices that you can get from this popular web site: https://www.pearlsandcrumbs.com/cakes.

One of the most famous options you can get here in West London is the “Hide & Seek” Cake. This is a very traditional choice that will surely make your party go with grace and charm. It is also very elegant and beautiful. The “Hide & Seek” cake is baked in a special way and is also finished with a dazzling decoration that is sure to make any one who attends your party.

Another cake that is really popular among the young generation is the homemade Wedding Cake – “Mermaid & Sea Shells”. When it comes to party cakes, this is a popular option which is considered as a good alternative to the ready-made ones. However, if you are not too sure about the type of the cake you want to order, you should not worry. There are lots of choices at Pearls & Crumbs to choose from. We can even make your homemade cakes at your desired specifications. This option is more affordable than the readymade cakes and you can definitely save your money this way also customize your cake.

In the UK, there are certain companies that specialize on wedding cakes only. Our specialties are wedding and birthday cakes. We will help you come up with the most exquisite wedding/party cake that you desire to have. This is one of the best ways you can get the perfect cake for your occasion. You can look for the cake choices online on our website or even come up with your own idea. You will get your cake at the most reasonable price in West London. We only use high quality ingredients like the best chocolate for delicious chocolate filled ganaches, free range eggs, premium flour and real butter. If possible, no artificial food colors, flavor enhancers, premixes and preservatives. None of our cookies are ever frozen! It's a personal promise.

Our bespoke cakes can also be ordered online. A can can offer you lots of good options regarding the flavors, ingredients and the cake design. The good thing about ordering online is that you can browse through our entire variety of the cakes without moving from your place. You can take your time to go through the different cakes until you find the one that fits your taste.

If you cannot find the right one online, you can always consult us about your requirements. You can choose the size, flavor and even the color of the cake so that it matches the occasion. Take your time to explore all the possibilities so that you can have the perfect party.

We always deliver good quality and fresh products so that you can really enjoy eating our cakes, cupcakes and cookies. It will also be great if you can order the cake in advance so that you can take your time to look for the best ones.

We are your top choice when it comes to the best bespoke cakes in the West London.