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We can make your wedding event extra special by creating bespoke pre wedding cakes including pillow cakes, dhol cakes, nikkah cakes, bridal shower cakes etc. 


Engagement Party Cakes

The engagement party usually falls somewhere in between the beginning of serious wedding planning and carefree form of the very sweet moment prior to engagement. This is also the time when couples in long distance relationships learn to actually "do the old fashioned thing" and celebrate an engagement by baking the most treasured piece of their near-perfect relationship. For Asian couples, “Nikah Cakes” are the same as pre-wedding cakes. Here are a few fabulous engagement party cakes tips that you will definitely want to try out for your big day.

Losing weight is one of the top trends these days, especially for women. No need to wonder any longer: just log online and browse online our website for a selection of the pre wedding cake / engagement cake with a "Lose Weight" option to be added with additional requirements. Some of the most popular options include ones with hidden weight loss hints, like chocolate kisses or the ever-popular peanut butter and banana fudge, as the plain old chocolate cakes isn't the only option when it comes to delicious engagement party dessert. For those who want a more creative option, there are available options like pineapple cakes, ice cream cakes, or chocolate strawberries for pre-wedding cakes or engagement cakes.

Many young couples these days elect for a themed wedding. For example, if you and the groom have chosen the theme of "The Perfect Pair," then it would make sense to use wedding cake engagement cakes that match the motif. Some examples might be: bride and groom figurines, birds, butterflies, hearts, or even the beach. For a more surprising flavor, try incorporating "adult" flavors like licorice. These unique flavors could be combined with another equally popular theme, such as "something blue." For example: blue sea salt, blueberry cocktail, or even green-leafy parsley tea.

Engagement party cakes can be ordered online through our cake delivery service. You may also choose to make one on your own. If you feel up to the task, gather all the supplies you'll need for the recipe. A good recipe will include the frosting recipe, the food coloring, the filling, and the icings. To prepare the cake, you must first gather the necessary tools and ingredients. Mix the chocolate and cream in a bowl and pour it slowly into a mixing pan. Mix until the mixture holds its shape. Add the butter and chocolate pieces and fold into the cake over so that the cake is flat.

Now, using a non-stick spatula, gently roll the cake out until the desired roundness is achieved. Brush the cake with the butter cream. It is important to cover the cake with the spatula to prevent it from drying out. Once the butter cream is completely applied to the cake, it is ready to assemble. Using a rubber or silicon spatula, carefully lift the cake off the prepared pan. Place it on the prepared serving platter and serve. But at a time when your prestige is at stake, it is mostly a good idea to let a professional cake designer handle it.

In some cases, there might be some problems with the positioning of the cake. If this happens, then we can help make the cake positioning easier for you. The cake can also be served at room temperature. To fix the cake, the couple can add some packing into the center. Otherwise, the cake can be frozen or refrigerated for about an hour before being served.

A great way to commemorate the engagement party is to have a big meal with family and friends, along with your desired cake. This can be accompanied by a game or activity. You and your spouse can even have your cake personalized. It's a great idea to save the date cake to give out as a gift to your guests.

In today's market, there are plenty of options for wedding cake toppers. The couple can choose to have the bride and groom in their wedding outfit designed on their cake or simply the other way around. A favorite for the modern bride and groom is the "I Do" cake with the couple in a ball together. This is a simple way to show the appreciation of your guests and to emphasize the importance of this special day to the happy couple.

You don't have to limit yourself to cake toppers if you like. You can also add other small gifts to the cake. These include personalized cupcakes, cookies, and even small candies. Personalizing the cake adds a special touch to this sweet treat. Couples can also purchase small keepsakes to go with the cake toppers, like handbags, silverware, or watches.

There are many places that sell engagement party cakes. Bakeries and specialty stores are a good place to start. However, we believe that what we can offer you, others may not. For a start of a new life, you need a touch of passion. This passion can be added better in a home-made pre-wedding cake than in a factory made cakes. Try us to believe it.