Cake Services
Cake Services

Our Services for Bespoke Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies 

We make all sorts of cakes, including wedding cakes, pre-wedding cakes, Nikah, celebration cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. Our cakes are customized to match your occasion and its theme. We deliver you your bespoke cake orders within your time range. Out of our vast range of cakes, there is just one right for you. Please click on the image to go to the concerned category. 

Bespoke Cakes Catering Services in West London

Whether at the end of a delicious meal or as the star of a show, desserts are a great addition to any event. Your dessert set is easily customized to the theme and budget of your event and is a way to personalize your event. In addition, serving cakes and cookies gives guests a reason to look forward to your event and can add richness and color to your dining table. If you are looking for a leading catering provider in West London, Try Pearls and Crumbs. With excellent service, delicious chef’s cuisine and a wide range of options, you can’t go wrong with one (or more) of our desserts. We are so sure!

Serve Sweets in Your Cities

Beautiful cakes, delicious cheesecakes, amazing cupcakes, cookies and fruit tarts are some of P&C’s delicious recommendations. We pride ourselves on all of our menu options and desserts are no exception. These beautiful products are not only charming, but also delicious and will delight your guests over and over again. Dessert services can bring everything from “good” to “extraordinary”, weddings, corporate functions and other special occasions in one meal. In any case, we know that good food is a transformative ingredient and desserts are no exception to this rule. While using our cake services, you can be sure that the desserts for your event will be in the top ten.

Decadent sweets are the way to almost everyone’s heart, so a dessert set on our recommendation, is sure to be a hit at your next event. At Pearls and Crumbs, we serve excellent desserts (and more!) For any event you can think of. All of our specialties are prepared, tested and mastered by our talented pastry chefs. Whether you are looking for special occasion catering in East London or West London, we know our desserts will appeal to sweet lovers.

Catering Decoration

With P&C, you have the opportunity to serve different desserts in the same event. From macarons and biscuits to layer cakes or cupcakes and cookies, dessert combinations are almost limitless. Contact us today to start planning your delicious dessert menu today! We hope to make your event fun and memorable.