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Asian Wedding Cakes

Have you ever eaten an Asian Wedding Cake? When we refer to Asian Wedding Cakes, we usually mean cakes for Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi couples. In modern western society, the cake almost always remains on display and is only served to guests in the evening reception. However many couples have everything from the hottest new trends to the exotic flavors everyone's loving from expert advice to thousands of different beautifully decorated wedding cakes. This is definitely a good look for those who prefer it plain with no toppings.

Asian Wedding Cakes

There are many different types of Asian wedding cakes. Flowers are by far the most popular type, but there are others such as fruit or even sugar flowers. There are fruit cakes, floral and even chocolate. Sometimes they prefer it to be in the shape of a cultural item. It all depends on the culture and if the couple prefers to keep the cake as a symbol of their wedding day. Even so, the classic white cake will remain one of the most popular.

For those planning an Asian wedding in the UK, there are also many gluten-free cakes. They can be found not only in bakeries but sometimes also online. Gluten-free cakes are a great alternative to traditional cakes because they are made from ingredients almost everybody can handle. These types of cakes are usually not very thick because the texture is closer to a cake that is rich. The traditional cakes are very heavy and are usually layered.

Asian cake decor is designed with two layers of baked sweetened rice cake. Each layer has a fruit filling that is cooked on top of the rice cake. Then to top off the beautiful decorations add colorful candles and flowers. The decor is always a bright color scheme of red, green, yellow, orange, and blue. Also, the decor may include silk flowers, scrollwork, bamboo, tassels, and gold. Of course to finish the decor of the cake another layer of the rice cake is baked and used as a dessert.

Asian Wedding Cakes

The food served at the Asian wedding reception is very different from the food served at a typical western party. Usually, meat and noodles are the main staples of the Asian buffet table. The cakes are of course the big attraction but there are other foods as well that are served. Grains such as barley and wheat are often served along with curries and Chinese vegetables. Down River Southeast, Michigan offers baked herb soups, stir-fries, and grilled fish.

Indian wedding cakes have a very unique look to them. Since they are handmade by the artist add their own style and artistic flair to the beautiful cake. In fact, they are not the normal type of cakes baked in a traditional bakery. Rather the Indian decoration is one of beauty and art. Many Indian cake decorators come up with creative ideas for adding to Indian recipes. All these cakes can be decorated according to your own choice or you can buy the standard Indian wedding cake topper and decorate it on your own. You can find the various toppers in the Indian bakery's catalog. Once you are done with decorating the cakes you can take photographs of the beautifully decorated cakes and create a beautiful photo album.

Asian Wedding Cakes

These wonderful cakes can be served during the ceremonies as dessert and also as snacks. Sometimes white chocolate is added to the bottom of the cake or the icing to give it a sweet taste. In some places, garam masala is also added to the cakes. When eaten as a dessert the Asian eggless Asian wedding cakes have a unique flavor. They are more suitable for non-vegetarian people and they taste even better when eaten with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

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